July 16, 2010

Language(s), Timothy!

With foreign languages playing such an important role in my life for nearly twenty years, I thought it only right I attempted to get some of my stories published in non-English markets. To that end, I've been busy subbing to everything from Catalan to Hebrew magazines, via Dutch and Swedish websites and have already had a hopeful response or two. With any luck, I'll be able to post some updates on here before the end of the summer concerning stories such as The Fisher Men, The Bridge Builder of Arta, Base Liberty Point, Those In The Flames, The Weight of the Wish, Chicago String Quartet and others.

I know from my many years living and working abroad how important the translation of ideas (rather than words) is for successful communication. I'm keen to see what those translators working in languages I'm more familiar with will do with my works.

Right, off to buy my fork handles.


Adso said...

Interesting stuff - so do you sub to these magazines in English and they translate it for you?

esllou said...

Yes, most of these places take care of the translations themselves.