April 16, 2010

Writer's Block, sort of.

I've been tangled up in a big beefing up of my Under Earthless Skies story for the last month, getting very little done and not being happy with what I did manage to get down "on screen", so I'm laying it aside, snapping out of it and getting on with something else.

I love the premise of UET, the intellectual battle between man and machine, the machine's battle between fake humanity and overpowering automation, but I suspect I'm just not in the right place mentally to write the story yet. It's one of the few ideas I've had in the last year that I've suspected might even be a good basis for a, der der der, wait for it.....novel! *Gasp!*

So, today's job is to line up 2-3 stories from the usual antho/zine market and get started on them, probably Monday.

Will be good to be back in the saddle.