August 22, 2010

My first eBook publication!!

With me having just got my hands on one of these bad boys, I thought it was only right and proper to unleash my first ever eBook onto the world!!

This is a story I wrote back in the late winter/early spring this year, got rejected by one or two places and it's been sitting in a folder on my laptop ever since - I've always quite liked it but never thought it "meaty" enough to get published elsewhere, so thought I'd do it myself!!

Who knows, if I get a few freebies up on Smashwords and they do well, I can think about putting a few up on there for a few bucks. That's for the future anyway...

You can download it in about 6-7 different formats including the big two for eBook readers: ePub for Sony and others, mobi for the Kindle.