July 02, 2010

Much better this term

Admit it, we're all suckers for reviews. I've had two (that I'm aware of) so far. One for my online story "The Other You" which deals with computer dating a couple of centuries in the future. The story can be found on Rotten Leaves. Pablo D'Stair was kind enough to leave a review, the entirety of which can be read at the Rotten Leaves site:
The thing is, the light hand you give to the sci-fi elements is how such things should work–no big deal, treated as though perfectly ordinary, hints at details of a world that seem to be being told as minutia, from within, the sort of stuff someone there would notice and mention, not the sort of stuff the story itself seems to be pushing out as clever or noteworthy (a tough trick to pull, one that a lot of basically good work gets messy with).
 The only other review of my work is a couple of sentences about "Screen Six" on the SFRevu site:
"Screen Six" by Neil Coghlan features Manny Gibbs who works as a security guard in an apartment building . His job is to monitor television screens that show various areas where there might be trouble. He finds that one screen seems to be showing the future. How this all works out makes for a good read.
  Always good to hear your work has been received well...especially in a week of three rejections! Sometimes you need a few blobs of black text on white screen to get you over the next speed bump.

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Harper Hull said...

That first review especially is right on, you have a deft touch (that's what she said! etc)