December 25, 2009

Screen Six

This was one of the longer stories I wrote in what was a busy November. I live in one of the swankier stretches of Buenos Aires, many of the plush apartment buildings complete with 24-hour security and balding men sitting in front of multiple CCTV screens. This is where I got the inspiration for Screen Six.

This 7000-worder explores what happens when you alter something in the present due to knowledge you have of the future. Perhaps it's The Butterfly Effect meets The Time Machine, all set in the marbled microcosm of a West Palm Beach apartment complex.
Manny looked at screen six. Pete's Lexus was just as they'd left it: the driver's window broken and some sooty black marks down the door, but he'd seen this just before going down to the garage to see the car in flames. The ground that was visible from the high camera was dry: there were no signs of water from the extinguisher. This was not a live shot.
 I've sent this story off to Northern Frights for their Time Lines anthology. Fingers crossed. If it gets rejected, of course, I'll just get Manny to switch the cameras around. ;-)

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