December 28, 2009

Flight 714

I wrote Flight 714 (any Tintin references, purely accidental!) for the weekly writing contest I particpate in, back in around June/July 2009. The theme that week was "politics" and this is a tale of when politics threatens and extinguishes lives.

I'd read about the anti-socialist repression in South America when I was young and living in Argentina as I currently do, this year was a good time to tackle this issue in a story. Thousands lost their lives being thrown either into the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans from military aircraft. But what would happen if something went wrong?
"Right, they're far off in front, open the ramp."
Manuel flicked the switch above him. He wasn't killing anyone with that switch. Above the roar of the engines, no sound of the ramp opening could be heard but the plane gave a slight kick as the aerodynamic forces wrapping the plane altered their grip slightly.
I have sent Flight 714 off to a couple of magazines, so should hear something back in the next month or two.

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