January 07, 2010

A Long Way To Hope - Accepted!

This has been quite a few days....3 quick acceptances. I know there'll be whole months without a single one, so happy to make hay for the time being. This is my sixth overall acceptance.

This story was written for the young adult sci-fi mag Beyond Centauri and while not exactly representative of my normal work, was a quick and fun write.

My long-term aim is to get as many stories published on both sides of the Atlantic as possible by the end of this year with the ultimate aim of getting an agent working for me on the strength of my publishing record. So far, that plan is going very well.

A Long Way To Hope is quite a formula-driven 2.5k piece that follows the fortunes of 30 adults and 5/6 kids as they land on a new planet with the goal of establishing a colony. Only, all their supplies burn up in the atmosphere and they need to show some teamwork and determination to survive the difficult early months on their new home planet.

Definitely one for the kids (it's aimed at a 13-16y.o age group)!

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